The Edge of Existence follows the story of electronics teacher Cam Cameron, as he attempts to survive on the UK’s most-remote and arguably most dangerous island, Rockall, for a record 50 days in order to prove his strength to himself and his family. This story follows one man’s dream of an immortal legacy as he risks everything to inspire his children and will give us an insight into the motivations behind adventure and life itself.

Rockall is the UK’s most remote island. A desolate rock, standing at 17m tall and just over 300km west of Scotland, it is out of reach of almost all helicopters and propellor planes making boat the only means of access.
In 1985, SAS veteran Tom McClean, survived for 40 nights on Rockall, affirming the UK’s right to ownership of the rock, and the billions of pounds of potential oil within the territory of Rockall. Since then, only 5 people have survived more than one night on the islet, a number lower than the number of people who have been to the moon.
On May 26th 2023, electronics lecturer Cam Cameron attempted to break the occupational record on Rockall, with the aim to spend 50 nights in a small tent, strapped to the side of the rock.
Edge of Existence is a film that will document his preparations and journey to Rockall, whilst also telling the stories of Tom, now 82, and other Rockall survivors, to discover why we risk our lives for arbitrary accolades and adventure.
Edge of Existence is currently in co-production by the Academy Award® winning Slick Films and Northern Heart Films. Directed by Aaron Wheeler.

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