Current Funding
Currently, the project has been entirely self-funded, on a shoe-string budget, with roughly 40% of shooting completed. Within this initial portion of the filming, we managed to complete initial interviews with both Tom McClean and Nick Hancock, as well as capturing an array of beautiful scenes around Tom’s Highland Adventure Camp and Nick’s ‘Rockpod’ shelter. This, combined with archival footage of Tom's landing in 1985, is what the trailer is composed of.
In order to complete the final stages of filming this project, we will need additional financial resources to physically get us to the rock and shoot the scenes with Cam Cameron, attempting his 1-week residence on Rockall. In order to ensure the best weather window for his attempt, we will need to be at sea for around 2 weeks, which again increases the cost and difficulty of the challenge.
The cost of the final portion of filming is not currently fixed as we have modeled several differently priced scenarios dependent on financial backing.
For more information on this, please contact Ed at or visit the Contact page.
What sponsorship would look like and how we’d use the money
We are currently very open to different levels of sponsorship and brand integration within the film itself. Below are a few examples of options that may be feasible:
- Merchandise for characters within the documentary
- Wording such as 'Paid for’ and sponsor logos at the beginning or end of the film
Again, we are open to discussion of different options of brand integration so please get in touch if this could be of interest to you or your brand.
For more information on this, please contact Ed at or visit the Contact page.
Where we hope to release the documentary
Again, this matter is still very flexible, depending on the duration and scope of the documentary once filming is completed. We will most certainly be putting this project towards Film Festivals across the world, before having its online premiere in completion of its festival run.
For shorter form versions, we have connections to media outlets such as The Telegraph and Guardian so would hope to create an online premiere there or with another online distributor such as Omleto or Nowness.
If the project has a runtime in excess of 30 minutes, we will start to shift our strategy to look towards the larger distribution options, such as Amazon Prime, Netflix, or Mubi.
For more information on this, please contact Ed at or visit the Contact page.
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